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General Studies (3-7 years each)

2000 - 2003
Master in Clinical Psychology from the University of Indianapolis, USA.
1996 - 2000:
Degree in General Psychology from the University of Indianapolis Athens and USA.
Degree at «Morianov» Academy.
1990 - 1993
Graduation from St. Lawrence College.

Specialties and studies that are less than 3year

Training on the school of remembering, Arizona.
2005 - 2006
Training on healing through sound, Germany and Greece.
2002 - 2004:
Education in Germany and Greece in bioresonance.
Certified counselor by the City & Guilds, UK in consulting, training and therapy.
Certified Reiki USA (Teacher grade), SRT USA, Angel Therapists and sound therapy from Germany and Hawaii.
Member of the Regulative Bioresonance medicine in Greece and Germany.
Member of the Association of Psychologists in America (APA).

Work Experience

Castalia" Psychiatric Clinic in Greece.
“Saint Francis Hospital” in Indiana (U.S. practice with adolescents and family groups on issues of depression, suicide, eating disorders, OCD and body image).
"AglaiaKyriakou" The Children's Hospital with "Anoichti Agkalia" play therapy for children facing serious health problems.
Along with the studies of this period training in systemic family therapy and couple therapy “Iatropaidagogiko” Institute in NeaSmyrni, Athens.

Bioresonance Method, Bicom, in relation to

2004 - today
Pain and trauma
Psychosomatic manifestations
Harmonization psychology with the body’s energy
Psychological and physical release of toxins
Harmonization of the nervous system and reducing related stress
Treatment of the energy centers – chakras
Musculoskeletal pains which have originated from psychological pain and anxiety
Other issues such as smoking cessation, cervical syndrome, sleep disorders, allergies, anorexia - bulimia, etc.

Additional work experience to date

Individual sessions transcendental - eclectic psychotherapy
Bioresonance sessions with Bicom2000 and Optima, SPr body reconstruction, SRT, channeling, sound therapy, trauma release therapy treatments and hermetic therapy
Group psychotherapy, (teenagers and adults)
Groups for mothers with Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children(new generation of children)
Channeling and Meditation, Relaxation groups
Sound therapy and Therapeutic Envisioning
Workshop on Illuminated Heart.
After increased deepening of my insight on matters of grief and anger, additional methods are applied to those of bioresonance and psychological counseling which can help on a case by case basis for physical and mental release: death release technique (for shock death of a loved one), Spiritual Response Therapy - SRT (new treatment method in which negative programmes, barriers and interference are cleanedwith positive expression), Reiki (universal energy channeling to the body) etc.
The Dr. Doreen Virtue and Drunvalo Melchizedek have been my teachers and inspires. They have conveyed whole hearted knowledge of the psychology of the soul,  metaphysical development and heart communication and have authorized me to transfer their knowledge in Greece and all over the Globe.

Contributions - Education

2003 - today:
Group Talks to islands on the periphery through “Anoichti Agkalia” (Non-Profit Organization) on issues related to depression, alcoholism, life on the frontier, personal development etc.
2002 - today
Creating therapeutic psychoeducation and information groups for all ages. Also, educational lectures were and are performed at schools, work places, organizations and at my therapeutic center with issues concerning the environment, nutrition, depression, phobias, domestic violence, developing the mind and spirit as well as numerous other issues. Continuing, educations have been offered  through conferences, seminars and participation in workshops, in Greece as well as abroad. Articles can be found in the “Diodos” («Δίοδος»), “Well Being” («ΕυΖην»)and «Holistic Life» magazines.