Illuminated Heart Workshop

4-day Workshop on Illuminated Heart in ENGLISH ONLY 

14th to 17th June 2018

Σεμινάριο Αφύπνισης της Πεφωτισμένης Καρδιάς

A few years ago I was guided to visit Egypt to participate in a seminar related to Drunvalo Melchizedek's work. My life changed completely since. I felt that all this work was a gift from God. It felt as if I reconnected in such a way as to remember a language that was known to me but not spoken for several years and lives...

All the material shared in this divine workshop is information shared by my great teachers Drunvalo Melhisedeck and Claudette Melhisedeck.

In The Illuminated Heart workshop you will receive information that you shall never forget as your life will change forever. It is knowledge that is written deep inside your cells and awaits for you to use the key to open yourself into a new reality. A reality, that is true for you, your heart, the universe and your total being.

You are all welcome to my workshops!!!

Illuminated heart workshop is an experience that shall totally change your life forever and shall help you realize who you really are and what your life purpose is.

Atih LogoDevine information shared in this interactive workshop:

  • Activation of the 3rd eye
  • Reconnection of the heart with the pineal Gland
  • Activation of the beams of light
  • Meditations from The Blue School of Claudette Melchizedek
  • Permanent activation of the MER-KA-BA
  • How to program your MER-KA-BA
    Creating MER-KA-BA for your personal space
  • How to connect with your Higher Self
  • Connecting with you Inner Child
  • How to energize your breathing tube
  • Knowledge relating to Leonardo's Sphere
  • Flower of life and general sacred geometry teachings
  • Unity breath; connection with mother earth
  • Sufi Blessing dance and healing
  • How the human chakras work
  • Heart meditations
  • Learn the importance of how your life can shift when you manifest from the brain and the divinity of the  creation from the heart
  • Creation process from the tiny space of the heart

Earth is always open to us, shares divinity, simplicity and abundance, open yourself to this work and it shall act as divine guidance...

It is necessary for participants to follow all 4 days of the program in order to complete the process.

Suggesting reading:

"The Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life, Volume I and II";

  • "Living in the heart".

These books, written by Drunvalo Melhisedeck, shall inspire you and provide you with an understanding on the material shared in this workshop.

Programmed meetings:

  • Thursday 14th from 10am to 17:00pm
  • Friday 15th from 10am to 18:00pm (or 18:30pm)
  • Saturday 16th from 10am to 18:00pm
  • Sunday 17th from 10am to 14:00pm (no lunch break)

Workshop Tuition: 400euro (early birds 365euro till 15th of May.)

To register for this 4 day ATIH workshop please complete the following steps:

  • Step 1: Register with the School of Remembering®
  •  Use the blue button in the right column on this page. (Registration fee of $14.99 for a lifetime membership)
  • Step 2: Enroll to the workshop:

Workshop Schedule

Day 1

Starting at 10:00am till 17:00pm

Check in time at 9:40am

  • Entering the School of Remembering & Personal Introductions
  • Angel ceremony
  • How the creation process works
  • Sacret geometry
  • Different perspective of understanding mother earth
  • Who is Hermes?
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Darkness and ascension
  • Vibrations of the Holy Trinity
  • Metatron’s tube
  • Torus of the heart
  • Exercises from the Blue School

Day 1Day 2

Starting at 10:00am till 18:30pm

Check in time at 9:40am

Healing of the heart

Permission from the Higher Self

Belief patterns

13 Chakra system

Healing ceremony

Day 3

Starting at 10:00am till 18:00pm

Check in time at 9:40am

  • Dancing in the dark
  • Pyramid healing exercise
  • Secret place of the heart
  • Unity breath
  • Entering the Tiny space of the heart
  • Blessing dance
  • Activate the beams of light

Day 3Day 4

Starting at 10:00am till 16:00pm

Check in time at 9:40am

  • Connecting the heart with the brain
  • The human light body MerKaBa
  • Leonardo's sphere
  • Programming your MerKaBa
  • Programming an external MerKaBa
  • MerKaBa breathing tube
  • Opening the third eye
  • Energize pituitary chakra and human halo
  • How to manifest from your heart

Day 4


34 Responses

  1. Beautiful teachings from our Global teacher Drunvalo Melchizedek delivered through the universal love of Iliana Dima, our exceptional Angelic teacher, shared with love as teachers understand and service form the divine intellect to the humans. I thank God in the heart of Drunvalo Melhisedek and Iliana Dima.
  2. It is a blessing from God to have Iliana as a teacher in the school of remembering. She is a teacher who guides you every time you feel you are out of your path!!! Also an inspirer of earthly survival and spiritual reconstruction !!!! It is a pleasure to talk to her!!! Every time I participate in The Illuminated Heart Workshop I feel the greatness of my soul and absolutely empowered !!! Every time I feel lighter, warmer more informative!!!! I can tirelessly attend the lesson!!! I really thank you for the warmth, care, love and knowledge!!!!!
  3. My beloved Iliana, the experience of the seminar was revealing to me even though it was the second time I participated in the workshop with you Iliana. I sensed as if I undertook the workshop from the beginning. I was curious like a young child. Probably because I was liberated in relation to the first time, now I experienced it with all of my heart. I felt happy! My heart opened to heal itself again and I am still in a process of change. Thank you for standing next to me through the whole workshop and with your support and the synchronicity I moved into a new transformation. My body is trying to let go of the past and proceed with faith, hope and forgiveness to my next step in life. My heart is still opening, I feel the change and I am grateful for that. I am thankful for your contribution to my life.
  4. I would like to thank all the people that worked , so that this seminar can reach Greece. I was very grateful to do this work with Iliana, who is not only very good at what she does, , but also a very gentle person, full of kindness and respect which helped a lot to trust the whole process and go through this seminar easily. This has been a key point in my life. Thank you!
  5. There are no words to describe how much gratefull i am to have Iliana Dima in my life, to participate to this workshop for the 6th time and have the opportunity to live this deep experience of inner change and remembering thank you Iliana, thank you Drunvalo thank you all Viktoria
  6. Tι όμορφα και συγκινητικά λόγια!! Σε ευχαριστώ που μπήκες και στην διαδικασία να το γράψεις και στα Αγγλικά χχχχχχχχχχχχχχχχχχχχχχ Σου στέλνω και το πιστοποιητικό σου!!! Ευχαριστώ πολύ
  7. The Illuminated heart seminar is an experience, and a gift, of life. I feel blessed that I shared this gift with enlightened people with the guidance and love of my beloved teacher. Iliana Dima is the landmark individual in the process of enlightenment and my awakening and I thank her for coming across my path to assist me with love and patience in finding this path. I thank her deeply and absolutely for all that she has offered me and for this unique seminar which she taught me with great love.
  8. When God wants you to feel and to live his love and his embrace, he sends you as a teacher Iliana Dima !!! Thank you !!! Everything was perfect!!! I wish Love, Peace and Happiness all over the Earth !!! Thanks!!!
  9. Victoria at Jun 04, 2017 said: i always feel blessed to have the opportunity to attend Iliana's workshop! what an experience!!! thank you Iliana, thank you Drunvalo!!! love and gratitude Victoria
  10. It is difficult to depict in writing the feelings I felt during the whole duration of the seminar as there are continuous revelations coming to me which I do not even have time to decode. What I do know is that I would want this joy of mine to be transferred to other people for assistance as I have been assisted. I enjoyed the participation of your family who with such respect toward you and all you do as a woman, which could be something that I would want from my family and seeing it from your has given me courage from the here on. It was for me an explosion of joy and deep appreciation for what we call a human being connected to their spiritual being, a being full of love throughout the seminar and of course a major factor in all the process was your stance with your spirituality and deep love in what you do and transmit not only to me but to the whole team, something which helped the feeling of togetherness and love so as that the realizations to come in a feeling of safety and joy. My deep realization was the emersion of my deep want for release on a fixation to something which did not allow me to enjoy nothing in life and was in constant fight with myself to live or not to live… I do not know if the experience of death I experienced when I was three years old or other traumatic experiences in my life which determined my way of thinking so as that I believe life is a fight and I should be in a situation of emergency to attack or be in the defense. In the seminar I finally experienced the right to live and felt the joy of life connected to this right. The joy of life which says that I have the right to live like a woman who has reconciled with the gender and finally not be afraid of being a woman and your stance as a coordinator was filled with honesty as well as consistency. The respect and faith in what you do together with the femininity which you exerted was for me a message to the younger lady and gave me hope for us women as well older and younger. The seminar awakened that I deserve to fall in love with life again and what this entails, to finally dream a beautiful daily routine without my demons, and a hope that this will help me enjoy my relationship with my children even more because this release I felt, from the past, was for me a kick to finally forgive myself and others and live in the now and enjoy the contact with my children and I know I have still a road ahead. Every day wakes up in me a truth which says even this is release and then I enjoy hope and warmth.
  11. ANASTASIA at Nov 14, 2016 said: A big thanks from my heart to Iliana Dima for this amazing experience!
  12. My teacher ILIANA DIMA has wonderful evolutionary and deeply rejuvenating abilities. !!!!!! I love this seminar! I attended the same seminar with Iliana Dima again. Every time it feels deferent since she teaches the seminar using the same divine material in a different way. Every time it reaches a deeper level. I feel gratitude for Iliana Dima and Drunvalo Melchizedek!
  14. I attended this seminar without thinking anything. I wanted to attend as I expected and waited for positive changes in my life. The place was warm and I felt protected. Everything I listened to was new to me. Iliana presented it simply, with her soul and felt seed be planted within me. I had a nice flow and although it lasted for four days and several hours each day I do not feel significantly tired. I felt the divine enlightenment and rejoiced on the new path of my life! Chrysoula
  16. As once one had told me \"when the student is ready, the teacher appears\". A big thank you to my teacher Iliana who like a bright sunbeam came to my path. A seminar which awakens our true self. Completing this seminar I felt whole, light and strong filled with love. Thank you lots for everything.
  17. My teacher Iliana is a piece of the Love of God on earth !!!!! That awakens us with lots of patience, affection and paying much attention to our particularities and respect !!!! I thank her !!!!!
  18. I am grateful for having Iliana as a guide at this life changing workshop! It has been illuminating all in all and I am happy I have attended it! Thank you dearest Iliana from my heart!
  19. There are no words to describe this amazing experience. At the end of the seminar I felt blessed, full of love and happiness, completely reborn. I feel grateful that I have such an amazing and inspiring teacher, a divine creature who helped me see the truth inside me and make me remember who I am. Thank you very very much!!!
  20. Once again the experience was amazing! It worked in other levels than the previous ones. What a profound happiness to feel connected to my heart, to be reborn! I feel blessed to participate to this workshop teached by Iliana, I thank you from little space of my heart!!! I recommend to everybody to have the chance to participate to this in Greece. Thank you Drunvalo!!! Victoria
  21. It was an amazing workshop and i loved the way our teacher transmitted us the love and the respect for this. It was a 4-days-motivation for a life full of light and love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all this ;)
  22. Thank you so so much Iliana Dima and all of you for the most amazing experience in my life until now! I cannot wait to live the changes!
  23. Unique experience, well-balanced between theory and practice. Highly recommended to the one's who seek going one step forward and get control of their spiritual part of their life
  24. Victoria Vellopoulou at Dec 13, 2015 “And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” ? Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince i feel blessed and honored to participate for the second time at the event of the illuminated heart! Thank you Iliana, Thank you Drunvalo, Thank you School of remembering.
    • iliana dima
      thank you Victoria
  25. at Dec 08, 2015 said: I have attended the seminar for a second time and I feel numerous times better!!!!! Iliana has taught with a new vibrational frequency and took me deeper into my heart!!!! I liked the seminar and the way in which Iliana teaches it because it has assisted me in discovering one can have the numerous vibrations as the universe has to offer and as many truths as God represents!!!!!!!!! I am looking forward to living the creative divine power. Amen!!!! Thank you Iliana!!!! Thank you school!!!!
  26. at Nov 30, 2015 said: The Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop hosted by this amazing teacher, the beautiful soul Iliana Dima, was truly an event beyond any expectations. I am deeply grateful to the universe to have guided me to attend this event, and more so I feel blessed to have actually had unforgettable heart experiences - a whole new level of perception for me. Thank you Iliana Dima for transmitting the teachings with pure love, thank you Drunvalo Melchizedek for creating the School of Remembering, and thank you fellow students for the love and support we share.
  27. at Sep 26, 2015 said: Immeasurable knowledge leading to fascinating paths. I'm expressing my gratitude to the universe and my teacher, for all the spectrums of knowledge that opened for me. I will participate again to the seminar and I have already advertised it to my dearest people.
  28. at Sep 23, 2015 said: The most powerful experience in my life! Thank you iliana!
  29. at Sep 22, 2015 said: My teacher, this pure soul, is the best that ever happened to me in my life! Thank you Iliana! The seminar was amazing, unusual , full of experiences . I see in my horizon, arriving changes. Thanks!
  30. at Sep 22, 2015 said: I thank God that I practiced all this divine experience with this teacher, my daughter Iliana. It is a miraculous experience. Thank you Iliana Dimas for transmitting this ritual with love and respect and to all the students who were there. I am grateful for everything I have lived and educated. I thank everyone who worked to make the illuminated heart workshop a comprehensive system of the heart
  31. I feel blessed for everything I have experienced these four days. I am re-born in Heaven! I couldn't imagine having another teacher than Iliana, guiding me through all the therapy and re-birth with all her love and support. She is an angel, a gift from God. Many blessings from my Heart to you all for making this happen, I am so grateful May all beings live from their hearts :)
  32. at Sep 15, 2015 said: I feel blessed to participate on this seminar, where I found people that I can communicate with. I now feel that I am one of a part, part of a bigger family.
  33. The best event ever attented. the most astonished and amazing experience ever in a very profound level, an experience that is changing my life in a very positive way. I feel very gratefull for the method, the school of remembering and Iliana. thank you

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