Love is within us... Take a deep breath... You're there!

The only truth in our heart is creation.

Yes this is happiness! Live the live you create! It is so exiting!


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ANGELS WORKSHOP “The Grand Tour-With the Angels”

For several years Iliana Dima has been teaching Angel workshops. Lately guidance has been to encapsulate all the seminars related with this work and create a NEW workshop. The materialized such knowledge acquired to date shall be recreated into a new age reality of an easier path into an even brighter future.

Illuminated Heart Workshop

In the Illuminated Heart workshop you wil receive Information that you shall never forget as they shall change your life forever. It’s knowledge that is written deep inside your cells and waits for you to use the key to open yourself into a new reality. A reality, that is true for you, your heart, the universe and your total being

Seminar Pendulum

This seminar is addressed to everyone who wills to enrich pendulum knowledge. Participants: Therapists and amateurs who intend to experiment with responses from Higher Self

Abundance seminar

To be announced

Invitation to conduct a seminar in your city

If you wish to conduct a seminar in your city, please contact us